Oil Separator Apparatus

This apparatus will save time by directly receiving  the output of an essential oil distillation and automatically separating the oil from Hydrosol.  As the hydrosol is lighter than the essential oil it will naturally flow out the sidearm, while the pure oil will remain in the column. The oil remaining after the distillation is complete is then drained out of the column through a glass valve.  The oil separator includes a matching glass funnel to catch the output of your still without spilling.

  • Funnel diameter is 55mm
  • Overall column is 300mm
  • Apparatus is made of 3.3 borosilicate glass
  • Ground glass stopcock

Oil Separator Kit

Contains the Separator Apparatus, and the stand and clamp needed to support the glassware under your condenser during a distillation.  Kit contains:

  • Oil Separator
  • 20 in. Support Stand
  • Adjustable Support Clamp