We are excited to offer this high quality Tincture Press, US made by the Castañeda family in our home town of White Salmon, Washington. The Castañeda family has over 20 years’ experience in the manufacture of tincture presses.

Castañeda presses are used for crafting herbal tinctures, extracts, oils, vinegars and other herbal products, without the use of steam or heat.

Prior to pressing, herbs are traditionally chopped or powdered, put loosely into a jar, covered with an extracting liquid such as, alcohol, water, glycerin, vinegar, olive oil.

After the herbs have steeped the liquid / product mix is then put into a fine mesh polyester bag and pressed. The resulting product is produced without the use of potentially damaging heat or steam, leaving a dried pressed cake of plant material with most of the chemical constituents removed.

After each pressing, the bags can be washed and re-used a number of times. 3 bags are included with each press, and additional bags can be purchased separately.

Simplicity with few moving parts to wear out
Easy to clean with minimal waste of valuable herbal product
Highest pressures created for maximum extraction
Cold process – no heat or steam needed.

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