Complete Kits with Guides and Pellets

  • A great value for teaching with owl pellets, this kit contains everything you need for up to 30 students working in pairs. Kit contains: 15 heat-treated, wrapped Barn Owl pellets, Owl Pellet Teacher's Guide, one Teeth of Small Mammals Poster, one Food Web Poster, one Vole Skeleton Poster, 30 bone sorting sheets, and 30 bamboo probes.
  • Our deluxe kit contains everything you need to present an exciting and memorable owl pellet lab for up to 30 students, each with their very own high quality specimen to dissect. This kit contains 30 heat-treated, wrapped Barn Owl pellets, Owl Pellet Teachers Guide, a complete 10 poster set, 30 bone sorting sheets,30 bamboo probes and 30 fine-tip plastic forceps.
  • Ideal for the young scientist working from home! This kit contains 1 each of: Owl pellet, hand lens, probe, plastic forceps, student guide and bone sorting sheet.
  • Designed for one or two students, this attractive kit contains three heat-treated Barn Owl pellets in foil, 2 bamboo probes, a hand magnifying lens, forceps, two 8 1/2" x 11" bone-sorting sheets, and an eight-page illustrated Student Owl Pellet Guide. An ideal tool for home-schooling, museums, or demonstration purposes.
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