For reduced boiling temperature, a vacuum can be used to preserve fragile compounds from decomposing at higher temperatures.

  • Vacuum Distillation Apparatus For the distillation of sensitive compounds a vacuum distillation is often used.  By using a vacuum the boiling temperature of the compound is reduced; thus you can distill at a lower temperature and your compound does not decompose. This unit has a capacity of 1000ml, with glass with a column-type water cooled condenser.  The boiling flask is 1000ml, receiving flask is 500ml.  This apparatus uses 24/40 ground glass joints throughout *** This apparatus is made of 3.3 Borosilicate Glass.  When properly supported the maximum SAFE operating temperature is 520 C. ***
  • Keck Clips

    For clipping together ground glass jointed apparatus, these clips consist of a large and small semicircular clips joined with three arms, precisely sized to snap over a US or European size joint, clipping the two pieces firmly together. *** Please note: Keck Clips should never be used directly on a Boiling Flask. They will melt. Use a flask clamp at this joint ***
  • Click to enlarge the image for 1000ml Vacuum Distillation Apparatus spare parts list.