Simple distillation is the procedure where two liquids of different boiling points can be separated. Generally the liquids should have a boiling point below 150 C, and these liquids should dissolve in each other, for example water and isobutyl alcohol can be distilled with simple distillation, but water and an oil could not. In simple distillation the vapors are channeled directly into a condenser, so the product will not be 100% pure.

For a very high purity Reflux Distillation would be required, and Oil/Water mixes would require Steam Distillation.

  • Everything you need to connect your water-cooled condenser to a standard faucet:
    • Rubber tubing, 5/16" by 10' roll
    • Dual Thread Faucet Adapter
    • 3/8" Tube Adapter
  • Glass flasks and condensers to break from time to time, here is your source for replacements of either.  In 500ml, 1000m or 2000ml.
  • Distillation Apparatus

    Chose your option -
    • Glassware Only, available in 500ml, 1000ml or 2000ml, packed in a foam lined box for safe shipping and storage.
    • Complete Kit, with glassware, stand, clamps and tubing and adapters to connect your condenser to a standard faucet.
    • Replacement Parts Available Here
  • Master Distillers Kit

    For the craft distilling industry where frequent small batch testing is required, we are proud to offer our master distillers kit. The foundation of this kit is our new heating mantle and easy to read dial thermometer (0 - 220 f) With this combination you can accurately heat and hold your batch much more precisely than is possible with a hot plate and spirit thermometer, includes Cooling water tubing and faucet adapters. This is a complete kit, nothing more to buy. With a water source and 110v power outlet you will be able to begin distillations immediately.  
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