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Making Rumtopf

Original Posted: 07-21-2014 Today we experimented with making Rumtopf with our 1000ml wide mouth reagent bottle. Rumtopf is made of fresh summer fruit preserved in rum or other alcohol, with added sugar. Over time the fruit is infused with alcohol, and the alcohol is infused with fruit. (Yum!) The traditional Rumtopf container is a large ceramic crock with a tight-fitting lid. These are very nice [...]


Product Testing at Mountain Home Biological

Originally Posted:  07-17-2014 From time to time I am called on to field test new products for Mountain Home Biological. Today’s item is a small stainless steel box, used for storing surgical instruments…. Let’s see, what else could it store? How about night crawlers? A quick stop at Bridgemart and we were off to a little creek. Sure enough, the box holds worms beautifully. [...]


Pellet Counting

Originally Posted:  07-10-2014 Pellet counting typically begins at Mountain Home Biological with a 5-gallon bucket of raw, unsorted pellets from the field, poured onto our pellet counting table. This will usually yield 300 – 400 good pellets, depending on the skill of the field collector… a beginning collector may pick up clods of dirt, rocks, pine cones, horse poop, and other nasty stuff, while [...]


Barn Owls Cliff Habitat

Originally Posted:  March 18, 2008 Barn Owls are an extremely adaptable raptor and take their name from one of their common nesting sites. Of course, barn owls have been around a lot longer than their natural surrounding, barn owls find safe, secure nesting sites in cliff faces. The barn owls’ light tan color is an adaptation to this environment, providing excellent camouflage in [...]


More Owl Habitat

Originally Posted:  March 18, 2008 As one of the leading suppliers of owl pellets, Mountain Home Biological takes pride in our work to ensure that future generations of children can enjoy the excitement of dissecting their very own owl pellet. The pictures below show a magnificent owl habitat. This farm had 3 unused silos which provided shelter for the local barn owls. With our [...]

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