Originally Posted:  March 18, 2008

As one of the leading suppliers of owl pellets, Mountain Home Biological takes pride in our work to ensure that future generations of children can enjoy the excitement of dissecting their very own owl pellet. The pictures below show a magnificent owl habitat. This farm had 3 unused silos which provided shelter for the local barn owls. With our addition of an owl box, they now have a nesting site to raise their young as well.

Installed in 1998, a Mountain Home Biological nesting box has increased the owl population and provided a steady supply of natural pellets for your classroom. Thanks for your business and making this possible!

This spring yet another brood of barn owls were raised in the silo box. This young owl has just emerged from the nest with his adult feathers.

As part of our ongoing mission to assure that the student of tomorrow will have owl pellets to dissect, Mountain Home Biological provides these simple, no-frills nesting boxes to our field collectors.