Original Posted: 07-21-2014

Today we experimented with making Rumtopf with our 1000ml wide mouth reagent bottle. Rumtopf is made of fresh summer fruit preserved in rum or other alcohol, with added sugar. Over time the fruit is infused with alcohol, and the alcohol is infused with fruit. (Yum!) The traditional Rumtopf container is a large ceramic crock with a tight-fitting lid. These are very nice crocks but can be expensive, so we took used a couple of 1000ml wide mouth reagent bottles.

We found the wide mouth reagent bottle allowed plenty of room for loading the fruit, it this case some fresh cherries, raspberries, and apricots. The ground glass lid fits nicely too. You will want to give your glassware a good rinsing beforehand, laboratory glassware is not rinsed to food grade standards at the factory.

The final step of the Rumtopf processes is to tuck your little bottles into a nice cool dark pantry and let them age until around Christmas. We will keep you posted!