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Item DescriptionPrice
LB192-500Separatory Funnel, PTFE Stopcock, 500ml$48.95
LB192-1000Separatory Funnel, PTFE Stopcock, 1000ml$56.95
LB192-K500Separatory Funnel Set, PTFE Stopcock, 500ml$54.95
LB192-K1000Separatory Funnel Set, PTFE Stopcock, 1000ml$59.95
Item DescriptionStopcock TypeCapacityPrice
LB10-500Separatory Funnel Only, 500ml Glass StopcockGlass500ml$28.04
LB10-1000Separatory Funnel Only, 1000ml Glass StopcockGlass1000ml$31.99
LB10-K5/ISeparatory Funnel Set 500ml with Glass Stopcock and RingstandGlass500ml$40.95
LB10-K1/ISeparatory Funnel Set 1000ml with Glass Stopcock and RingstandGlass1000ml$51.95
Item DescriptionMaterialCapacityPrice
PL11-500Separatory Funnel 500mlPolypropylene500ml$22.25
PL11-250Separatory Funnel 250mlPolypropylene250ml$20.50