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Item DescriptionColorCapacityPrice
LB202-5000Wide Mouth Clear 5000ml Reagent BottleClear5000ml$34.50
LB203-2500Wide Mouth Amber 2500ml Reagent BottleAmber2500ml$28.50
LB203-5000Wide Mouth Amber 5000ml Reagent BottleAmber5000ml$46.50
Item DescriptionColorCapacityQty/PkgPrice
LB202-60Wide Mouth Clear 60ml Reagent BottleClear60mlEach$2.75
LB202-125Wide Mouth Clear 125ml Reagent BottleClear125mlEach$3.15
LB202-250Wide Mouth Clear 250ml Reagent BottleClear250mlEach$3.75
LB202-500Wide Mouth Clear 500ml Reagent BottleClear500mlEach$5.05
LB203-60Wide Mouth Amber 60ml Reagent BottleAmber60mlEach$3.05
LB203-125Wide Mouth Amber 125ml Reagent BottleAmber125mlEach$3.65
LB203-250Wide Mouth Amber 250ml Reagent BottleAmber250mlEach$4.35
LB203-500Wide Mouth Amber 500ml Reagent BottleAmber500mlEach$6.45
LB203-1000Wide Mouth Amber 1000ml Reagent BottleAmber1000mlEach$10.25
Item DescriptionColorCapacityQty/PkgPrice
LB205-60Narrow Mouth Amber 60ml Reagent BottleAmber60mlEach$2.75
LB205-125Narrow Mouth Amber 125ml Reagent BottleAmber125mlEach$3.15
LB205-250Narrow Mouth Amber 250ml Reagent BottleAmber250mlEach$3.85
LB205-500Narrow Mouth Amber 500ml Reagent BottleAmber500mlEach$5.80
LB205-1000Narrow Mouth Amber 1000ml Reagent BottleAmber1000mlEach$8.75
LB204-60Narrow Mouth Clear 60ml Reagent BottleClear60mlEach$2.50
LB204-125Narrow Mouth Clear 125ml Reagent BottleClear125mlEach$2.85
LB204-250Narrow Mouth Clear 250ml Reagent BottleClear250mlEach$3.45
LB204-500Narrow Mouth Clear 500ml Reagent BottleClear500mlEach$4.60
LB204-1000Narrow Mouth Clear 1000ml Reagent BottleClear1000mlEach$7.05