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Item DescriptionItem #/PkgPrice
T62Red Litmus: Used to test for alkali. Sensitive to 0.0002 N Na0H. Color change: pH 4.3 (red) to 6.8 (blue-violet) to 8.1 (blue). Vial100 strip vial$1.55
T63Blue Litmus: Used to test for acids. Sensitive to 0.0001 N HCI. Color change: pH 4.3 (red) to 6.8 (blue-violet) to 8.1 (blue) Vial100 strip vial$1.55
T13Neutral Litmus: Used to test for acids or bases. Sensitive to 0.0004 N HCI or 0.0005 N Na0H. Color change: pH 4.3 (red) to 6.8 (blue-violet) to 8.1 (blue). Vial100 strip vial$1.55
T64Wide Range: Includes color comparison chart for pH 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. Vial100 strip vial$1.96
T11Cobalt Chloride: Indicates relative humidity by color change: pink indicates high humidity, blue indicates low humidity. Vial100 strip vial$1.55
T12Congo Red: For strong acids. Color change: pH 3.0 (blue-violet) through various shades of blue to 5.0 (red) VialT12 100 strip vial$1.55
T15Methyl Violet: Color Change: pH 0.2 (yellow) to 2.0 (blue-violet). VialT15 100 strip vial$1.55
T16Phenolphthalein: Very sensitive to ammonia vapors. Color change: pH 8.2 (colorless) to 10.0 (pink). VialT16 100 strip vial$1.55
T17Potassium Iodide: Used to test for free iodine in a solution. Color varies from white through blue to black depending on iodine concentration. VialT17 100 strip vial$1.55
T3Urine Test Strips:detection of Glucose, Protein, Ketones and acidity/alkalinity in education50 pk.$28.63
T4Control Taste Paper Strips:is simply designed to act as the control in taste test experiments100 Pack Vial$1.29
T5PTC Taste Test Paper Strips: test for the genetically controlled ability to taste this substance100 Strips vial$1.75
T8Aquarium Test Strips: PH & Hardness100 Pack$12.31
T9Nitrate & Nitrite Test Strips$16.07
T10Water Hardness Test Strips50 Pk.$9.17
T61Ph Paper, Hydrion AB: Determining PH:2 15 ft. rolls of paper - Even pH (Type A) - Odd pH (Type B)$12.77