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Part 1:
12 Elodea
7 Cabomba
4 Moss Mats
8 Seedlings

Part 2:
18 Guppies
18 Pond Snails

Part 3:
16 Pill Bugs
8 Bess  Beetles when available Zophobus as substitution

Item DescriptionPrice
ST208 Zophobus Beetle (Bess Beetle Replacement)$20.90
ST1916 Pill Bugs$5.40
ST1818 Pond Snails$8.64
ST1718 Guppies 9 male/ 9 female$24.80
ST158 Seedlings$10.55
ST54 Moss Mats$10.60
ST147 Cabomba$4.37
ST1312 Elodea$5.40