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If you are looking for a complete line of laboratory glassware, reasonably priced, carefully packaged and shipped quickly to your home, school or business you are at the right place! This glassware is made of heat resistant borosilicate glass, similar to Pyrex.


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beaker set Beakers
From 50 to 2000ml, and beaker sets too.
Boiling Flasks
Boiling flasks, flat bottom, from 100 to 5000ml.
 boston round bottle Boston Round Bottles
1 to 32 oz capacity with caps.
 burette Burettes
25ml to 100ml, complete set ups available.
Distillation Apparatus
Distillation Apparatus with Graham condenser, 1000ml capacity
Dropping Bottles
Dropping bottles for acids and bases, clear or amber glass, 2 sizes.
Erlenmeyer Flasks
Erlenmeyer flasks, from 125 to 5000ml.
 filter flask Filter Flasks
Filtering flask, 4 sizes, heavy gauge glass for safe vacuum filtration.
 funnels Funnels
Glass funnels for filtration and other laboratory applications.
  Graduated Cylinders
Graduated cylinders from 10 to 1000ml.
Mortar & Pestle
Mortar & Pestles, textured interior for more efficient grinding, 3 sizes.
 pipette Pipettes
Volumetric and Mohr Pipettes from 1ml to 50ml.
Reagent Bottles
Reagent bottles, narrow mouth, wide mouth, amber or clear glass, from 60 to 1000ml...if you don't find them here they are probably not made.
Retorts, used for distillation, 250 or 500ml with ground glass stoppers.
Separatory Funnels
Separatory funnels, with ground glass stoppers and PTFE stopcocks...also available in complete set with stand and funnel support.
Stirring Rods
Stirring rods, made of flint glass, resistant to chemical attack, also rubber policeman.
Test Tubes
Test tubes, from 10 to 25mm, in packs of 12 or 72...stoppers free with each 12 pack!
vials Vials
US made, borosilicate glass vials with screw caps in 1, 2,  4 and 8 dram.
Volumetric Flasks
Volumetric flasks, with single graduation and ground glass stopper, for 100 to 1000ml.
Watch Glass
Watch glass makes a handy lid for beakers, shallow culture dishes or weighing pans. In 5 sizes.