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Made of the alloy ferrocerium, these rods have the property of producing very hot
sparks when rubbed against a rough surface. Ferrocerium has a very low melting temperature,
and these sparks are actually tiny flakes of molten ferrocerium, ignited by the
friction of the scraping action of a rough surface.
Unlike matches or lighters, the rod will still function when wet or in high winds. The
crucial part to starting a fire in these conditions is directing the shower of sparks onto
good dry tinder. Cotton balls soaked in Vaseline are excellent. Many types of tinder
can be made on the spot with a sharp knife. We suggest you experiment with your local
plant material to see what will work best, so you will be prepared in the event of an
Ferrocerium rods now come in many sizes, but we have found the larger sizes to be
easiest to use and provide the longest life. Add a handle of your own design, with a bit
of carbon steel for a striker, and you have your own unique fire starting kit, great for the
backpack, car, camper and cabin.