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SMK3Slime Mold Kit Includes 2 tubes of oatmeal Agar, 2 petri dishes of oatmeal agar, 1 inoculating loop, 1 vial dried and 1 tube of active growing Physarum polycephalum, plus instructions.REQUIRES 2 WEEKS NOTICE$22.00
SMK2Physarum polycephalum (Sclerotia)REQUIRES 2 WEEKS NOTICE$10.00
SMK1Physarum polycephalum (Plasmodium)REQUIRES 2 WEEKS NOTICE$10.00
FNS1Introductory Set:Fungi SetOne tube each of:Aspergillus niger;Penicillium notatum;Rhozopus stolonifer$24.00
FN6Saccharomyces cerevisiae$9.95
FN5Rhizopus stolonifer (-)$9.95
FN4Rhizopus stolonifer (+)$9.95
FN3Penicillium notatum$9.95
FN2Aspergillus niger$9.95
FN1Aspergillus flavus$9.95