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Diversity of Life fax card

Part 1:
16 Elodea
Paramecium -Class of 25
Amoeba -Class of 25
Euglena -Class of 25
Mixed Flagellates -Class of 25

Part 2:
16 Land Snails

Part 3:
16 Madagascar Hissing Roaches

Item DescriptionPrice
FS4816 Madagascar Hissing Roaches$65.71
ST416 Land Snails (washington state only) Helix Aspersa$11.84
PTS10.25Mixed Flagellates, class of 25$7.73
PT3.25Euglena Gracilis: Class of 25$6.90
PT1.25Amoeba Proteus: Class of 25$6.90
PT8.25Paramecium Caudatum: Class of 25$6.90
FS4716 Elodea$7.25

Protozoan Immobilizer




A 2-3% solution of Methyl Cellulose will slow down protozoan for better observation. 2 oz bottle.