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Master kit notice

We are sorry to say we are currently out of stock on Master Distillers Distillation Kits; we plan to have them available again soon.

Item DescriptionCapacityPrice
LB120-1000KDistillation Kit 1000ml1000ml$110.50
LB120-1000Distillation Glassware Only 1000ml1000ml$82.50
LB120-500KDistillation Kit 500ml500ml$72.95
LB120-500Distillation Glassware 500ml500ml$43.85
Item DescriptionCapacityPrice
LB120-1000BReplacement Flask, 1000ml$38.25
LB120-1000CReplacement Condenser, 1000ml$39.50
LB120-500BReplacement Flask, 500ml$36.50
LB120-500CReplacement Condenser, 500ml$36.50
Item DescriptionPrice
AP04-2000Heating Mantle, 2000ml$119.95