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Product Testing at Mountain Home Biological


From time to time I am called on to field test new products for Mountain Home Biological. Today’s item is a small stainless steel box, used for storing surgical instruments…. Let’s see, what else could it store? How about night crawlers?

A quick stop at Bridgemart and we were off to a little creek. Sure enough, the box holds worms beautifully. And there is more – with the lid on you can fit it in your back pocket, leaving both hands free for scrambling down to a favorite fishing hole. Rough job today.
I can't promise you will catch fish with this little bait box, but I will ask the fisherman out there, when was the last time you fished your favorite little creek?  Maybe it is time to pack some worms, a couple of spare hooks and sinkers into your bait box and get out there!

So simple and clean!  Remember the bad old days?  Enough said!!
nay wormy way
nay wormy way
nay wormy way