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IN1.25Brown Hydra, class of 25$6.70
IN1.100Brown Hydra, class of 100$18.00
IN14.25Daphnia, class of 25$7.00
IN14.100Daphnia, class of 100$21.00
IN2.25Green Hydra, class of 25$12.00
IN2.100Green Hydra, class of 100$29.00
IN3.25Mixed Hydra, class of 25$8.00
IN3.100Mixed Hydra, class of 100$23.00
IN7.25Mixed Rotifers, class of 25$6.70
IN7.100Mixed Rotifers, class of 100$18.00
IN8.25Vinegar Eels, class of 25$6.60
IN8.100Vinegar Eels, class of 100$15.00